Our home care services are suitable for older people and adults... people who need help.


A break for your family or friends who usually help at home.  We will do all the things they normally do, or anything else you wish.


Following a hospital stay, it is often helpful to have some help around the home.  This could be help with simple tasks until you feel better or full time care and support while you recuperate.

Help around the home

We can help with shopping, preparing meals, washing, cleaning, ironing, tidying up and general housework.

Social Time

Spending time doing some of the things you like - perhaps chatting over a cup of tea, watching TV or playing cards, spending time in the garden, in the park or at the shops.  We can help you visit family and friends, a club or society, of take a trip to a local attraction.

Personal Care

Help with washing, dressing, bathing and general hygiene care.


  • Stay independent at home
  • Calls are 30 minute's in length, this is not clipped
  • Longer stay support can be booked
  • Overnight stays can be arranged
  • Hospital discharge packages available