Bags of Love for Care staff at Libertas

Electronic accessories, snacks and useful personal items have been donated to Libertas Care workers across Lincolnshire thanks to Libertas Volunteers and generous donations and support from local business.

Libertas, based in Louth with sites in Spalding and Gainsborough, gave Bags of Love to their community teams today to say thank you for their exceptional resilience and professionalism.  Many of the Libertas Care staff are currently dealing with, and helping people through, active COVID infections in the county.

Sponsors such as Pipers Crisps, Kinnerton Confectionary, Intervino personalised gifts and Sills & Betteridge LLP donated items to Libertas Care Services to say thank you to health workers who are striving to support vulnerable and high-risk members the community during the Covid-19 pandemic. Cooplands Quality Bakers and Godbold Electronics also helped secure contributions to the Bags of Love at cost. This support to the Bags of Love effort shows one way that local businesses are giving back to the community and how they recognise the valuable contribution of Carers during this crisis.

Tom CarterDirector at Libertas, said "It felt great being able to directly help the Care staff who are working so hard to support the elderly during the coronavirus outbreak. Our care staff on the frontline are often overlooked and undervalued, yet their work is essential, now more than ever.”  Carers are trained in infection control and medication safety and are also skilled humanitarians that are concerned for the welfare of their service users. Carers, like those who work for Libertasare often the ones there for members of the community when no one else is.

“These Bags of Love are an opportunity for Libertas and the wider business community to show appreciation for the dedication and hard work done by Carers during the COVID-19 crisis,” says Tom.

Libertas volunteers Amanda Ryder, Sam Ryder and Alice Ryder coordinated the donations and helped assemble the bags for delivery to Libertas staff. “The response from local businesses was overwhelming,” said Amanda. “I think it reflects how much people realise and value the work Carers are doing in our communities.” 

Libertas Home Care Worker, Dee Gabryl says, “The kindness that has been shown during these challenging times has been amazing. Thank you to everyone for their support over the last few weeks. Your gestures have not gone unnoticed."

Libertas continues to receive other donations made by many people in the community in the form of hand-made facemaskscare packages from  individuals as well as The Body Shop at Home and monetary gifts from individuals who know service users cared for by Libertas staff.


List of businesses who donated goods:

Libertas Care Services - 

Pipers Crisps -

Kinnerton Confectionary

Sills & Betteridge LLP -


List of businesses who offered discount support:

Cooplands Quality Bakers

Godbold Electronics -