Fabulous Response to Questionnaire

We start with a look at how Libertas has been doing with the results of our recent questionnaire.
We have had a fabulous response to our customer questionnaire. Thank you to everyone who has completed and returned their forms.
It really does help to see how we are doing and what needs to be improved.
Your opinions matter to us. Also, any comments for future newsletters would be most welcome
A Sample of the Responses are as follows:

Do you have regular support workers?
78% of you replied that you do
Do you like your support worker?
84% of you replied that you do like your support worker

Are you happy with the service Libertas provides?
72% of you stated that you were happy with the service
Do you know how to make a complaint?
87% stated that you did know
Do support workers turn up on time?
87% of you replied that workers do turn up on time.

Does your support worker respect your privacy and dignity?
93% of you stated that support workers do respect your privacy and dignity.
Are you happy with your care plan?
92% of you stated that you were happy with your care plan.

what do we do well

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