Home Care and Support

If you or someone you know needs help with day-to-day living, you can get support.

How do I arrange home care?


The first step to receiving care in your home is to have an assessment.  Libertas staff will visit you and talk about what you would like your carer to do.  It is at this stage that you can chat with us about what you want, and do not want, help with.  It is a good idea to make a list of questions before the assessment takes place.


We very much encourage at least one member of your family to be there during the assessment. It is important to Libertas that there is good communication between all parties. Sometimes it is a member of your family who might need to contact us about your care and if they are involved from the beginning they know how we work and the systems we have in place to help.


Once you have decided what you want and need,  Libertas will visit you at the agreed times and help with the things you have told us you would like included in your care plan.  If there are any changes to these duties don’t worry, part of our job is to respond to your changing needs.