Reablement Care

If you or someone you know needs help with day-to-day living, you can get support.

How do I arrange reablement care?


To access Reablement Care you will need a GP, nurse or a social care worker to refer you to your local trust's Reablement Team. This referral can either take place when you leave hospital or you can be referred from your local health and social care office.


Once you have been offered the service, a reablement specialist will visit you in your home and carry out an assessment of your needs. They will consider your daily routine and activities to determine where you need support and agree an independence plan with you.


When the plan is in place a reablement support worker will help you practise your daily living activities, assist you in regaining your skills and confidence and ultimately allow you to live more independently. The length and frequency of support worker visits will be reviewed and eventually reduced by the reablement specialist.