New Employee Referral Programme: Care Friends App

How many friends do you have on social media? Plenty, for sure! Download the Care Friends App and start sharing jobs. As soon as you do, you can start earning points which you can then turn into cash. It’s simple to use and easy to download.

Compatible with all smartphones, the Care Friends App is free to install and easy to use. You can download the app from either Google Play or the Apple App store at just a tap of a finger. Once registered, you can begin to share our jobs, earning points, rewards and even more- earn money!

How Does Care Friends Work?

You may have a relative or a friend who demonstrates those personal, caring and trusting qualities we look for in our team. By referring them to us, or by simply sharing a job, you can instantly gain points which you can then turn into cash.

Use our unique company registration code lib-066.

Apple App Store Link:

Google Play Store Link:

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