Our standards, your assurance

Our policies & procedures, the way we select, train and manage our staff, and our accountability are what makes

our staff professional and our service safe, efficient and reliable.


You will have written details of when and how we provide your service, and what you can expect.


We have strict policy and codes of conduct governing how we handle your information. We do not share your information without your consent.


Our staff team are reliable and flexible, and fully employed by us. They will respond to your wishes. You will be treated with respect and we will value your privacy and dignity.


You will be kept informed about your care. We can keep a relative or friend informed too, but only with your permission.


Only trained staff may handle medication, and do so in accordance with our own policy and procedure.

Safety & Security

We assess risk as part of our service. We also have clear policies and procedures governing handling of cash, receipt of gifts and care and respect for personal property.


You will know who has access to your home, and how they will do so. We will always announce ourselves when we visit, and no one will visit when you don’t expect them to.


We maintain a robust recruitment process; staff are interviewed, references are taken and a criminal record check is carried out. We provide full training and all our staff either hold, or are training for, a NVQ2 in care. We monitor our performance, and get feedback, through regular formal staff supervision.


We are fully insured for the work we carry out.


Our charges are clear and transparent; you will know how much we charge for a service before you agree to it. There are no ‘hidden extras’, and charges for additional work will be agreed before that work is undertaken.