"Increased independence"

Libertas Testemonials

Increased independence

As my Reablement is coming to an end, I wanted to write and thank you for the outstanding service you have provided to me.

I was mostly bed-bound with very, very limited mobility. Thanks to the commitment, dedication and encouragement from [the Libertas team], I am now in a more independent position, and I am confident this will progress until I am eventually able to walk again.

At all times, your team have been responsive to my needs. They have patiently persevered at every stage, and ensured I progressed, and made sure I felt safe to push myself forwards.

In addition, they used effective methods to enable me, and set up little areas for me to be able to make tea and coffee. This was hugely beneficial to my well being and motivation.

I feel the service you provide is absolutely essential in supporting people to be as independent as possible. I wish you long and continued success, and sincerely thank you for everything you and your team have done to help me.

Ref J.B.