What is Access Care Planning?

Communication is one of the most important factors in ensuring that care works for clients,

their families, care workers and health professionals alike.

Access Care Planning

Libertas considers communication one of the most important factors in ensuring that home care works for clients, their families, care workers and health professionals alike.

As part of our assurance to create the most secure and effective lines of communication, Libertas uses the Access Care Planning platform.

What is Access Care Planning and How Does it Help Me?

Access Care Planning (formerly Mobizio) is a secure, digital, cloud-based care management platform. The system replaces the old paper files that were left with service users between visits with risk of being lost or viewed by unauthorized friends and family.

For our clients and their families Access Care Planning means an increase in the quality of care. Care records are safe and care management is compliant with the appropriate oversight. Records are secure and accessible to view real time by authorised parties. By logging on to the Access Care Planning app you can find out who your support workers will be, when they will visit and what was done during a visit. Family members can be given access to the care records (with our client’s permission). So even if family do not live very close, they can keep up to date with client's visits and check progress.


Register for Access Care Planning

If you would like to register for Access Care Planning complete this simple online form and a member of the Libertas team will contact you.

The Access Care Planning platform offers:

Complete digital care records – Detailed care plans, assessments, reviews and complete daily care notes are all written on the same cloud-based platform which is accessible on the web and a mobile, even if offline. Information is entered once and synchronised replacing paper forms. Information is gathered in a consistent manner and can be easily reported on. All care plans, care logs, notes, forms and records can be printed out or shared with clients and designated family members electronically or as a PDF.

Enhanced care delivery – Carers have all the information they need on their mobile or tablet. Each carer’s rota (and changes to it) are automatically deployed to their Access Care Planning app. Upon starting a visit, carers can see a list of activities to complete and medication to administer. These must be marked as complete or incomplete before your carers can end the shift. Carers must also complete a daily care log. All this information instantly updates the existing record. Carers can submit incident forms and escalate to the office straight from their mobile device. Voice to text transcription, automatic calculation and smart forms mean carers can spend less time completing forms and more time delivering care.

Safe & efficient medication management – By using the Access Care Planning platform all medication events are automatically logged in an Electronic Medication Administration Record (E-MAR) chart for each service user. Carers can see which medication to administer including dosage and instructions. In order to complete a visit carers must log scheduled medication as administered or not administered. All this information is automatically entered into the service user’s E-MAR chart. Missed medication automatically triggers an alert to the office responsible to investigate. E-MAR reduces errors, ensures all medication data is accurate and up-to-date.

Confidentiality & security – The information given to your support workers is what was formerly in your home on paper. Only the support workers assigned to your care package will see the personal information. Your information isn’t given out to all support workers and is not accessible to unauthorised people that may be visiting your home (as may be the case with a paper file).

Information for service users is available 24 hours before the call is due to start. Libertas can access instant real-time information, so by checking the system we can see if support worker is late, the time they arrived, the time they left and the care given during the visit. Support workers will still be required to complete a daily log, but this will now be done on their mobile device.

The Access Care Planning app is downloaded to the employees mobile phone, the employee is then required to give the office the unique ID number, which registers the device. Once the device is registered, the employee is given a pin number. Support workers are not able to download any information about any user. Carers get the information for a time-limited period (24hr), after that it is removed from their device. The mobile device can be blocked from viewing any information at any time.