Libertas home care Services

Personalised and flexible home care services to suit older people and adults who need support.


Our carers are there to help you, according to your wishes. We guarantee that they will be friendly, reliable and above all professional. We also guarantee your security, safety and independence are never compromised.

Help around the home

We can help with shopping, preparing meals, washing, cleaning, ironing, tidying up and general housework.


Following a hospital stay, it is often helpful to have some help around the home. This could be help with simple tasks until you feel better or full-time care and support while you recuperate.

Social Time

Spending time doing some of the things you like; perhaps chatting over a cup of tea, watching TV or playing cards, spending time in the garden, in the park or at the shops. We can help you visit family and friends, a club or society, or take a trip to a local attraction.


Personal Care

Help with washing, dressing, bathing and general hygiene care.

  • Stay independent at home
  • Calls are 30 minute's in length
  • Longer stay support available
  • Overnight stays can be arranged
  • Hospital discharge packages


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Home help and care for older people

Libertas services are ideal for people who want help in staying independent in their own home. Our clients often just need a little be of help, sometimes they are  recovering from a hospital stay, or family members acting as carers need respite care for a few week when they go away on holiday.

Libertas can help with many of the things that can get difficult as you get a bit older, allowing you to get on with the things you really enjoy doing in your retirement.

Smiling Carer With Kind Woman
enjoying chatting in older age

Mental Health Home Support

Libertas has over 17 years’ experience of supporting adults with mental health needs.  We are able to support clients around their own homes, helping them live full lives outside care settings and avoiding unwanted hospital admission.

We also work with, and are developing services for, adults with learning disabilities, which will meet the same high-quality, highly personalised standards as everything else we do.

Whether you have had support before, or are moving into your own place for the first time – we can help you live an independent life.

Extra Care

Extra Care is halfway between home and residential care. People buy or lease the flats, and the care and support is on site to help if and when people need it. This type of care is an excellent alternative for many people, and is becoming more and more popular all over the UK.

Libertas look after the Extra Care in two establishments in Lincolnshire.