Libertas Services

Personalised and flexible services to suit older people and adults who need support.

Libertas Services

Home Care

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Libertas can help you stay independent in your own home. Our clients often just need a little bit of help or family members acting as carers need respite. Libertas can help with many of the things that can get difficult as you get a bit older. We can also support adults with mental health needs, allowing them live full lives outside of care settings.


Libertas Reablement Services

If you are recovering from an illness, accident or returning home from hospital you may find if difficult to look after yourself. Libertas reablement services offer you a short period of intensive support in your own home. Our carers will work with you to regain your ability to carry out daily tasks and reclaim your independence.

Extra Care

Libertas Extra Care Services

Extra Care is halfway between home and residential care. If you prefer to live as an independent property owner with the added security and peace of mind of having help on hand if you need it, Extra Care living may be an ideal option. Libertas looks after the Extra Care in four establishments in Lincolnshire.

Residential Care

Libertas Residential Care

Libertas offer residential and community-based support services for adults. Residential care may be an ideal option for adults with mental health conditions that are unable to care for their daily needs and would benefit from on-site support. Libertas has one residential care establishment in Lincolnshire.

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